Latest Trends – Pendant Lights

In the very best company: Pendant lights now arranged in groups

Lighting has a huge impact on how comfortable we feel in a room. It isn’t just the light itself but the design of the light fitting that can create an exciting ambience. Particularly popular are height-adjustable and dimmable pendant lights over a dining table, as they direct the light onto the table and so generate a cosy, welcoming dining atmosphere.

Particularly eye-catching arrangements are created using different proportions – as illustrated here with the Knot pendant, which comes in a range of shapes. © imm cologne / Brokis

And the latest trend is for pendants to keep each other company in grouped arrangements. Currently in vogue are plain, simple lights made of concrete, glass or basket weave, as well as pendants in metal finishes or copper with an open grid structure. A way to create an immediate visual impact is with groups of pendants from the same product family but in varied shapes and proportions.

Photo credit: Main image – A triple arrangement of the Concrete pendant light underpins the purist charm of industrial themed rooms. © imm cologne / Zijlstra.

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